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Schedule change

Hello all. You may not have noticed, but there was no Friday comic! My current schedule has made it difficult to update this comic three times a week. So I’m going to be cutting back to twice a week. Instead of new comics Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I will be posting new stuff roughly every Tuesday and Thursday. Occasionally I may post something special on Saturday.

Though just to be safe, you may as well check out the website everyday. In the column to the right I’ve posted links to webcomics and blogs that I like, some of which do update everyday. Think of this as your portal to all things awesome on the internet.

Also, hello to the new fans on facebook. I’ve noticed several of you are from overseas. Presumably because you like hedgehogs? Yes, hedgehogs are cute, but sadly there are not many of them in California. Not only are they not native to North America, but it is illegal to keep them as pets in this state. :(

April 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

Unemployed Comics

Friends, given these troubled economic times, it should come as no surprise that Pete the Hedgehog is not alone in the comic world in depicting the plight and/or ennui of the jobless.

Some of you may be aware that Peter Parker (aka Spider Man) was recently fired from his job as a photographer.  Details here.

The relatively new newspaper strip, Dustin, features an aimless 23-year-old living with his parents and bouncing around various temp jobs.

As far as webcomics, there is Breadwinner. It’s about an anthropormorphic piece of toast and his cupcake sidekick.  (I linked to an earlier strip because later ones have gotten a bit weird and off topic.  And if you are wondering how a comic about a piece of toast and a cupcake can possibly get any more weird and off topic just click forward through the strips, you’ll see.)

Similar thematically to Breadwinner, but more earthbound, is Unemployed Dad.

Also somewhat amusing is the appropriately titled jobless looser.

If there are any more comics you’d like to share about the jobless, unemployed, or even just underemployed, post them to comments section of this post.  Maybe I’ll start an unemployed comics webring or something.


March 23, 2010 | Comments Off

Hello world.

First blog post!

Well, as you can see this is my new webcomic.  It’s called, “Pete, the Hedgehog,” or “Pete, the Unemployed Hedgehog,” until the time when Pete is able to find work (though he may never :( ).  This is my first attempt at a webcomic.  Expect little changes in the site and the comic as I learn new stuff.

Right now there is no update schedule.  I’m trying to get as many strips up as quickly as possible so I can have a nice little archive going.  Eventually I think I’ll settle into posting new comics on set days twice a week.  As for now, just check back here every couple days or so for new comics.  I’ll let you know about any changes.

That’s all.  Thanks for checking out Hedgehog Comics.  Hope you like it.


February 10, 2010 | 2 Comments