Hello world.

First blog post!

Well, as you can see this is my new webcomic.  It’s called, “Pete, the Hedgehog,” or “Pete, the Unemployed Hedgehog,” until the time when Pete is able to find work (though he may never :( ).  This is my first attempt at a webcomic.  Expect little changes in the site and the comic as I learn new stuff.

Right now there is no update schedule.  I’m trying to get as many strips up as quickly as possible so I can have a nice little archive going.  Eventually I think I’ll settle into posting new comics on set days twice a week.  As for now, just check back here every couple days or so for new comics.  I’ll let you know about any changes.

That’s all.  Thanks for checking out Hedgehog Comics.  Hope you like it.


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2 Responses

  1. greenjjm says:

    haha. you forgot to mention your world nation flag collection. =P

  2. Joeline says:

    My friend Rachelle posted this on her Facebook. I couldn’t resist to take a look as I too am unemployed and fiercely looking for work. It’s great that you can make light of the situation that many people have found themselves in. Love it. I look forward to more of your comics in the coming days.